Engaging Photography

Home for sale in Live Oak FL Back Porch

We are photography enthusiasts with significant monetary investment in camera equipment, classes, seminars, and 3rd party education to not only capture those best aspects of your real-estate, but to convey those features to prospective buyers.

What is one of the first things that prospective buyers encounter on a property when they are searching online? The photo, and the price. When its your listing in the sea of others in the search results page, what is going to make someone click on your property moreso than the 15 others already loaded on the screen next to it? An impressive first photo that captures their attention is a great start.

Presenting the best part of your real-estate, whether it is a home, land, or even a commercial property is a critical component to get the initial prospect interest. Its our passion to put the best face forward of your real estate, whether its a $60,000 house, a $600,000 house, or a multi-million dollar piece of land here in North Florida.

There is a saying along the lines of – “The best you know, is the best you’ve ever experienced”. Real-estate photography is a bit like that. Once you view our photo portfolio and see what our work is like, you’ll be much more in tune to the possibility and quality available that other brokerages may not be taking advantage of.

Suwannee141.com Single Property Website

Crazy good marketing

Ads written to help buyers find your real estate for sale by researching and understanding the specific key-words used by consumers to search and find property online.

Video tours, graphically designed aerial views with notations, interactive maps, custom signage and much much more are some of our in-house capabilities.

Numerous top-rated internet websites specifically for people searching out rural property your listing will appear on.  We even do single property websites for some high end listings.

10,000+ Prospect Database

You may have seen us mention this on other parts of the site, but here is a more in-depth explanation. For over 10 years we have captured and cataloged almost every single email lead and inquiry that has come through our company. The prospect’s contact information, the property they were inquiring about, and pertinent details (price, acreage, location, etc) of that listing is also logged.

One way we utilize this data is by sending new listings and price reduced properties via our monthly email newsletter system.

Some people are just looking and may never buy, but many of them will. All of them have freely signed up or inquired on property here in our area at one time in the past. They may be waiting for a property just like yours to come through their inbox. List with us – and we will get it in front of them.

Screenshot from our email newsletter system where we share new listings and price reductions to previous inquiries we have collected in our database.

Social Media Retarget Marketing

Using similar technology as leading internet retailers, we are able to present ads to people that have visited our website, on other websites throughout the internet. As an example, if a prospective buyer lands on our website looking for any kind of property, or on one of our other marketing pages, we’re able to display ads specifically to them on social media sites like Facebook. Your listing would be advertised in front of them there on that site. This is called retargeting marketing, and we’ve been doing it for a long time. These ads and opportunities can display listings in front of the prospect as long as 30 days after they’ve first visited our site.

CTR (Click Through Rates) on these ads can be as high as 20%. These efforts are another way we go one step further in the presentation of our listings.

We have our own in-house print marketing materials

These beautiful images and information-rich direct mail advertisements are sent to our cultivated audiences for your property.

Raw Talent in our Live Oak FL Real Estate Office

We’re fortunate to have a photographer, graphic artist and experienced real-estate broker in the same office.

We’ve found what catches eyes from trial and error in this specific industry.

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