Engaging Photography

Home for sale in Live Oak FL Back Porch

We are photography enthusiasts with significant monetary investment in camera equipment, classes, seminars, and 3rd party education to not only capture those best aspects of your real-estate, but to convey those features to prospective buyers.

What is one of the first things that prospective buyers encounter on a property when they are searching online? The photo, and the price. When its your listing in the sea of others in the search results page, what is going to make someone click on your property moreso than the 15 others already loaded on the screen next to it? An impressive first photo that captures their attention is a great start.

Presenting the best part of your real-estate, whether it is a home, land, or even a commercial property is a critical component to get the initial prospect interest. Its our passion to put the best face forward of your real estate, whether its a $60,000 house, a $600,000 house, or a multi-million dollar piece of land here in North Florida.

There is a saying along the lines of – “The best you know, is the best you’ve ever experienced”. Real-estate photography is a bit like that. Once you view our photo portfolio and see what our work is like, you’ll be much more in tune to the possibility and quality available that other brokerages may not be taking advantage of.

Suwannee141.com Single Property Website

Crazy good marketing

Ads written to help buyers find your real estate for sale by researching and understanding the specific key-words used by consumers to search and find property online.

Video tours, graphically designed aerial views with notations, custom signage and much much more are some of our in-house capabilities.

Numerous top-rated internet websites specifically for people searching out rural property your listing will appear on. Throughout the United Country network and also secondary premium real estate websites (Lands of America, Land Watch, Loop Net, and more). We even do single property websites for some high end listings.

500,000+ Prospect Database

You may have seen us mention this on other parts of the site, but here is a more in-depth explanation. United Country captures the incoming leads for listings from all the offices and logs them into a centralized database. The prospects contact information, the property they were inquiring about, pertinent details (price, acreage, location, etc) of that listing is also logged. That lead remains exclusive to that particular office for a set period of time, before being released into the general database that all offices can access.

Therefore, we have the ability to run a criteria search in the lead database for people looking for properties similar to yours. For instance, you’ve got a river house you want to sell. We search the lead database for customers that have inquired about river homes within a particular price range, and within a particular area, and we will generate a list of prospects for your property immediately.

From there we can direct mail, email, and call these prospects utilizing our custom tailored materials to let them know about YOUR listing.

BullsEye Prospect List

Prospect list screenshot from BullsEye lead system.

Screenshot from Google Analytics detailing a strong international presence of traffic in this particular campaign of a motocross track for sale.

Outside the box lead building

As part of the listing process, we determine unique features and characteristics of your property. We can then use this information to get creative on marketing those features.

For example, one of our previous unique projects was the sale of a 54-acre property with a private-use Motocross track on it. With a modest advertising budget from the seller we were able to pick out several media outlets popular with Motocross racers and enthusiasts. With one of the outlets, we negotiated to promote the listing on their Facebook page, which at the time had nearly 500,000 followers. The post went viral and drove 250 concurrent users to the property’s listing website.

We fielded over 50 emails and 20 phone calls in the first week. A prospective buyer called and scheduled an appointment to fly down and see the property less than a week later. A contract was signed at the seller’s dining room table that same day.

Custom email newsletters

We create a custom newsletter and tailored email blasts using United Country’s prospect database, our sphere of influence, previous office leads. We can also generate a list specific to features of your property. The newsletters are designed to look sharp on small mobile devices, and large displays as well.

These efforts are another way we go one step further in the presentation of our listings.

We have our own in-house print marketing materials

These beautiful images and information-rich direct mail advertisements are sent to our cultivated audiences for your property.

Raw Talent in our Live Oak FL Real Estate Office

We’re fortunate to have a photographer, graphic artist and experienced real-estate broker in the same office.

We’ve found what catches eyes from trial and error in this specific industry.

The front page cover of the Real Estate Book utilizing our photography and one of our listings.

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