Our N. FL Real Estate Services

Lands of North Florida Realty. Suwannee River

Selling property in N FL

We offer marketing and sales programs for owners of Homes, Land, Farms, Ranches, and Recreational property in the North Florida region. We do this on a commission based basis – due only upon sale. Special projects may require an upfront marketing budget. Feel free to see our sell with us page for more details.

Our selling process:
  • Establish your goals as a seller.
  • Familiarize ourselves with the asset in question in extensive detail.
  • Identify unique features of the property.
  • Identify most likely candidates of buyers.
  • Build marketing outline accentuating the unique features of the property.
  • Build marketing outline that targets the most likely buyers.
  • Put that plan into motion.

For Buyers

If you’re considering a real-estate purchase – whether it is a new full time home, a recreational get-away, hunting property, recreational land, farms, ranches, or any other type of tract and are considering North Florida (If you aren’t, we sure hope you are by the time you finish exploring our website!).

We work with prospective buyers by doing the following:
  • Establishing your needs and criteria in a property – what your goals are.
  • Consulting with you on that criteria from our experience and expertise.
  • Searching the surrounding areas for properties that match your goals.
  • Select properties that meet your expectations with your continual input.
  • Go through the negotiation process once a home or property has been selected.
  • Coordinate a closing with a lender, inspectors, surveyors, title agents, and much more.
  • Ensure that the process remains as painless to you as possible.

Helping you buy real estate in North Florida

Establishing your needs: As part of the consultative sales process, we talk with you and determine what you’re looking for in a property based upon our experience and knowledge of the existing market. For example if you are looking for a home we need to know your desired proximity to shopping and schools, if private and county maintained dirt roads are okay, how much acreage (or privacy) you’re searching for, what sort of outbuildings (if any), any other special requirements, and a whole host of other things.

Consulting with you: Need a property with multiple homes for a family member? We can explain how you may be able to get a “family member” exception on a property for a second dwelling even though the land density wouldn’t otherwise allow a second home. Want Riverfront property? We can explain the pros and cons of selecting land in certain areas of the county along the Suwannee River. A high bank area minimizes flood risk, but also makes it more difficult to enjoy the water as an example.

Searching the area for properties: Once your goals and criteria have been established we will begin working on  locating suitable matches.  This may range from a private “Rolodex” of unlisted properties, the local board of realtors listings, connections and relationships with other brokerages, and good old fashioned site selection by reaching out directly to land owners that have property matching what you want that may not even be  for sale currently.

Select properties that match your criteria: We’ll begin looking at suitable types of property together, discussing the differences, and making notes of any opinions or differences in the parcels you may have. Perhaps you’ve decided you want to be away from the Interstate (I10 or I75) for the quiet. Or you don’t want to be more than a short distance down a dirt road, as an example.  Our continuing search will be adjusted from those comments and discussions.

Go through the negotiation process on a selected property: As a transaction broker in the state of Florida, we are not permitted to put either party to the transaction at a disadvantage with information. We work to make the deal come together and happen for both parties. We may be able to offer creative terms and ideas to help facilitate a deal – as well as offer expertise on certain terms and conditions that are more favorable for a smooth sale in today’s regulatory lending environment.

Coordinate a closing: Once a deal has been made, the work really begins! Although an outright Cash sale with no financing needed has the liberty of closing in as little as 2 weeks usually – a financed sale takes anywhere from 45-60 days in this environment. A long he way it is important to help navigate that process as well as understand the importance of getting home inspections, land surveys, and being mindful of contract time frames. We additionally coordinate with your lender, appraiser,and closing agent to make sure everything comes together smoothly.

Often times the role of the agent is to continually follow up with all these many different moving parts of a transaction to help everything continue going to plan and on schedule.

Ensuring the process is painless as possible. Purchasing real-estate in today’s regulatory environment is not an easy or simple process. It is our job to insulate you from some of the daily frustrations and issues, so that you can focus on what is important- Enjoying your property!