Agents: Why you should consider joining us.

Whether you’re a newly licensed agent eager to learn and succeed  or a seasoned veteran looking to further leverage your real-estate sales career, we ask that you consider our office for some of the following reasons:

Listing presentations to attract virtually any seller.

Demonstrate to prospective sellers our in-house marketing work such as specially designed print ads, photography samples, sale case studies, and more. You’ll be armed with the tools to confidently walk into ANY listing presentation, and be able to identify what you offer that’s different from any other brokerage.

Result: Get the listing!

Training and Learning Opportunities.

Marketing: We provide training on how to write ads that attract customers from the internet (Search Engine Optimization),  best compose property photographs, and collaborate on marketing ideas.

New Licensees: Enola has been an agent for nearly 20 years and has trained new comers to the industry throughout her time. Get one-on-one help and guidance without being left to figure it out on your own! We pride ourselves on being accessible and understanding to people new to the business.

Real World Experience: Billy and Enola Golightly have a combined nearly 40 years experience real estate brokering. Through many experiences, good and bad, they’ve learned what to look for and watch out for in the business. This is expertise that only experience can bring, and they’re able to share that with you. Learn from people that have had to learn it the hard way, so that you don’t have to!

Leverage Our Passion For Marketing.

Perhaps you love sales and working with people, but the thought of having to sit at a computer building presentations, writing ads,  editing photos, making slide shows and virtual tours, creating flyers all just mentally drains you. That’s what we do best!

You don’t need to spend the money on extensive photography gear, or the time in classes and seminars learning all the little nuances.  You don’t need to learn photo editing. You don’t need to learn graphic design. You don’t need to learn how to build and format mailing lists for targeted marketing. You don’t need to geek out on all these things, but you realize and understand they do make a difference.

Maybe there is a super high-end listing you’d like to go for that you think deserves and justifies its own single property website? We’ve done that before too! We built this one ourselves, and you can leverage our expertise to do the same.

We’re willing to do these things because we love marketing. We’re passionate about presenting properties in the best possible way, every time. As an agent, if you’ve ever had the thought “I wish I had someone to do my marketing for me…” You owe it to yourself to consider what we have to offer.

You can sell – and we’ll make the people go WOW! with what you bring to the table.

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  • Competitive commission splits based on performance
  • No desk fees
  • Voluntary floor time
  • Creative freedom
  • E&O Paid up front – not deducted from every transaction.